Complete Tree Care Services in Surrey and Banstead

Do you need a qualified tree surgeon with trade association membership and an excellent local reputation? Mattree Professional Tree Care are here to provide all of the help you need. Based in Banstead, we serve domestic and commercial clients throughout Surrey. We are a fully insured company, compliant with BS3998 (1989) standards and familiar with the Arboriculture Association’s best working practices.

We specialise in all aspects of tree surgery and hedge cutting, offering a full and professional service range at fair, competitive rates. Our location in Banstead is perfect for accessing surrounding towns in the Surrey area and we are always able to provide a responsive service for all kinds of emergency arboriculture work.

Tree Pruning / Crown Thinning / Crown Reduction

A tree surgeon usually has to use a combination of arboriculture practices to maintain a tree. It is very rare that a single method can be used to maintain the health and life of an individual specimen.

Mattree Professional Tree Care use proven working systems that comply with BS3998 (1989), industry best practices and the latest arboriculture standards.

Tree owners in Banstead and Surrey can use crown thinning as a formative type of tree surgery that sees secondary branches removed without changing the tree size or shape. This improves light penetration through the canopy and reduces shade. It also lowers the crown’s wind resistance and subsequently reduces loading on the tree limbs. This tree surgery technique is very effective but demands high skills levels to reduce the wound impact caused by limb removal. Only a qualified tree surgeon should perform this type of work.

At Mattree Professional Tree Care, we use crown reduction techniques to reduce the height and the spread of the tree crown. We do this by removing branch ends. As far as is practically possible, we reduce the tree crown whilst maintaining natural shape. We sometimes use this method as a form of mechanical stress to help the tree acclimatise to a particular environment.

Tree Felling & Stump Removal / Hedge Cutting / Planting Services

This procedure is the complete felling or removal of the tree to ground level. Many of the properties we work on lack the space for directional felling. To avoid damage to buildings and surrounding plants, we use a method called sectional tree dismantling. Here, individual branches and sections of the trunk are cut and lowered to the ground. We aim to leave the remaining stump as low as possible but it will always be above the level of the soil.

The team at Mattree Professional Tree Care in Banstead also specialise in stump removal, an effective measure where modern equipment is used without causing major ground disturbance. All sizes of stump can be removed. Remnants from felling and the surface roots are reduced to below-ground level, eliminating tripping hazards and leaving ground prepared for replanting or other landscaping practices.
We undertake hedge cutting projects and can work on species of any shape and size, covering wild, rural and ornamental hedges. Mattress Professional Tree Care can reduce hedge height and widths or, for smaller projects, we simply clip to leave a neat and tidy form. We advise on affordable long-term management, offer fixed-price services and assist with any legal obligations you may have pertaining to the High Hedges Act.

We have our own arboriculture advisors who will take the time to discuss various hedge cutting regimes and designs, thus helping to avoid conflict with neighbours. Our team covers the whole of Surrey and arrives to projects on the specified date at the agreed time. We proceed with all hedge cutting work without causing disruption to our clients or the public. We remove all debris from your property at the end of each day.
Our company can supply, plant and maintain a full range of trees, saplings, shrubs and hedging plants. We create planting pits to high specifications within any landscaping environment including sites owned by local authorities. Mattree Professional Tree Care also advise on species, locations, planting schemes and plant replacements.

Our team is capable of working on smaller domestic or large-scale commercial projects. Planting is also provided in conjunction with other services that our company provides. Following a tree felling and stump removal project, customers in Banstead and Surrey can choose a suitable planting scheme to regenerate the surrounding landscape.